The peripheral nervous system is the collection of nerve tissues that extend out into all parts of the body and relay sensory information to the central nervous system for “processing.” These are the nerves that allow us to experience the vast majority of our day-to-day sensations.

Consider the following example of the connection between the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system: when a person suffers from a spinal condition like a pinched nerve, often he or she will find that the pain tends to radiate out from the spine and into the shoulders, arms or legs. This kind of radiant pain is enabled by the connection of the central nervous system elements of the spinal cord to the peripheral nervous system elements in the extremities.

While the central nervous system (or CNS) is protected by the skull and spinal vertebrae, the peripheral nervous system is left fairly unguarded throughout the body. Because of this, the nerves of the peripheral nervous system are generally more susceptible to physical injury and damage from things like toxins in the bloodstream.

Although our clinic focuses primarily on neurological issues that relate directly to central nervous system tissues, we are dedicated to relieving the pain and discomfort spinal injuries and conditions can cause in the peripheral nervous system as well. Both systems work in tandem to provide all of our human sensory experiences, and our practice is strongly dedicated to taking a holistic approach to health.